People Centric Project



What is the People Centric Project all about?


What would the world be like with thriving communities inspired by exceptional companies?

What if those exceptional companies inspired their employees to live lives of purpose?

What if those inspired employees created exceptional families?

What if those exceptional families became the fabric of our thriving community?

What if your company helped start this ripple effect?


The People Centric Project

Nearly two years ago, we set out to discover what it means to “be exceptional” in life and in business. We wanted to identify what it took to have an exceptional life and/or lead an exceptional company. We met with 1000’s of people and companies that we believed were truly exceptional because they stood out among the crowd, people were drawn to them. People in the community wanted to be a part of their mission, organization or company, they were being sought after.

Through the 1,000’s of conversations, we discovered, at least from our perspective, what it means and what it takes to be exceptional. The formula is quite simple, exceptional people and companies strive to be the best they can be. They choose to be a catalyst in the lives of others, empowering them to become the best they can be in life and in business.  Exceptional companies are “people centric”, they put the needs of others, their employees and their customers at the core of what they do. 

So we thought what if we invited those exceptional companies or companies who want to be exceptional to be a part of our "project." Our project is designed to understand how the best environments imaginable are created, developed, enhance and maintained.  Our goal is to teach, listen and learn from those companies on how best to inspire employees, enhance their lives and ultimately determine how these efforts can enhance productivity and results of the company.

The People Centric Project Preview

On the 11th of September, we will be hosting a preview to our program with some of the areas thought leaders on the critical elements needed to create, develop and enhance a strong culture.  We are grateful to be partnering with the leadership team from BW Leadership Institute (BWLI) for this project.  

Several speakers and facilitators from the BW Leadership Institute team will lead our discussions and set the course for the "People Centric Project."  We will also have several other speakers joining us that morning.  It is going to be an exceptional morning and great preview into our "project".

For all the details please click the link to learn more and to register.