People Centric Project Thought Leaders

The "People Centric Project" is part of Undivided Insight for thought leaders; people who have exceptional thoughts, ideas and concepts.  They are the people we have partnered with to help cause change, challenge the status quo and lead the next evolution in business.  These thought leaders will ultimately all do the same thing for you and your company. They will challenge you to make a choice; you can either continue to live / lead the same, common, divided, conventional life / business or you can get inspired and realize there is more to this world and start living / building an uncommon, unconventional, undivided way of life / business.  

The History of our Team

Undivided Thought Leaders is a community of talented thought leaders created to inspire the exchange of ideas and knowledge to those individuals and companies who are looking to create a significant impact.  We know making a change in this world is not easy, but it can be done. It comes down to one simple word: choice. It starts with one person's choice to cause change, challenge the status quo and lead the next evolution in business, and that one person could be you. Every person inside every company has the ability to create a multiplying effect, negatively or positively.  That ripple effect can start a chain reaction that creates a culture in a company that can change the lives of their employees. Those employees can then impact the lives around them, at home and in their community.  Those ripple effects are what can change the world…one person at time. 

The People Centric Project

The People Centric Project is not about us teaching, lecturing, blogging or telling, it is about collaboration and the willingness to share ideas and knowledge.  As we lead this project, our mission is not to teach, our mission is to work with the best companies that understand that the focus should be on their people. We want to partner with companies who want to become better at understanding what it means to be "people centric." 

The People Centric Project is a perfect example of why we created our platform - we want to cause change, challenge the status quo and lead the next evolution in business. The only way we can do that is to surround ourselves with exceptional thought leaders and extraordinary companies. The goal of exchanging ideas and knowledge so we can all accelerate the transference of those ideas and knowledge to start the small little ripples, that will, in time change our companies and our communities.

In the end, it is about truly caring for every precious human being whose life we touch. It is about including everybody, not just the fortunate few or the exceptionally talented. It is about living with an abundance mind-set: an abundance of patience, love, hope, and opportunity. Everyone wants to contribute. Trust them. Leaders are everywhere. Find them. Some people are on a mission. Celebrate them. Others wish things were different. Listen to them. Everybody matters. Show them.” - Bob Chapman