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WE BELIEVE, that if we can bring together 50 companies that are committed to becoming "people centric," the ripple effect of those companies could transform our community.  Imagine if those 50 companies had on average 100 employees, that would be 5000 people that could become inspired.  Assuming those employees went home to their families and lead their families with the same values, another 3 people (on average) could be impacted, now we are at 20,000.  Assuming those 20,000 people impacted another 10 people in their lives (friends, family members, community connections), we could reach 200,000 by this time next year.  Perhaps our math is off a bit or the timing of the change doesn't happen as we have mentioned, regardless it is the start of something much bigger than any one of us or any one of our companies. It is the start of change that could affect generations to come.  That is what this project is all about...together we can cause change, challenge the status quo and lead the next evolution in how business is done.

The  "People Centric Project" Timeline

People Centric Project - Premise: To discover, learn from and celebrate the exceptional companies in our community. They are exceptional in how they focus on their employee development and customer experience. Their impact is causing positive change in the community.  We are going to borrow the framework of the 4 C's used in the world of education: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication.  During the next 6 months, we will provide numerous opportunities for your company to learn from some of the most thought provoking speakers on culture, change and leadership.  However this is where the 4C's come into play. Our desire is not to "teach" - but to facilitate. The leadership team wants all the companies who are a part of this project to communicate their ideas and to collaborate with each other.

The project will have 3 primary components for engagement:

1) Book Study - We just completed the Everybody Matters book study (please continue to add your comments on Book Study page) and now we are set to launch the next book study with John O’Leary and his book “On Fire” on April 1st. Our weekly discussions summaries will be posted on our book study forum.  Click here to download Book Study Guide.

2) People Centric Community Event - We will host several events to continue our commitment to the PCP community. The event is designed to create connection and collaboration between our companies and their leadership teams.  These event will be held through out the year in 2019. The release of the Calendar of Events will be on April 1st.  

3) People  Centric Celebration - Join us to celebrate our next event on April 29th by registering below.  

Click here for the 2019 12-month Strategic Plan.


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Book Study Start Date: APRIL 1ST

Week 1 April 1st - Review of study and Engagement Process for collaboration and comments. Initial discussion posted on the Prologue.

Week 2 April 8th - Start weekly Book Study of “On Fire” with Chapter 1.   

Week 3 - Week 9 - The weekly Book Study will conclude on May 27th.

Book Study Guide

Week 1 - Starting on Monday, April 1st at 7:00am, we will send out an email to everyone to start by reading the Prologue.  You and your team have the entire week to finish the Prologue. We will post the questions from the On Fire Book Study Guide. Schedule 30 minutes to discuss the chapter using the study guide questions.  Based on your discussions, we ask that someone from your team comment on our blog page regarding what you have learned, what questions you have, what you want to share, etc... 

This will continue in the same manner each week until we complete all 7 weeks of the book study. 

The comments will be compiled throughout the project to produce a White Paper and a documentary at year end. 

Order On Fire by clicking here.

People Centric Events - Save the Dates

People Centric Events

People Centric Community Event with Travis Thomas -  April 29th

People  Centric Project Collaboration & Discussion Meet-Ups - We will host monthly meet ups. The calendar for our meet-ups will be released February 20th. In addition, we have planned several events and people centric campaigns to create engagement this year. The outline of themes, events, discussion points, book study chapters and engagement initiatives will be released by February 20th. 

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