People Centric Project


What is our project all about?


What would the world be like with thriving communities inspired by exceptional companies?

What if those exceptional companies understood inspired their employees to live lives of purpose?

What if those inspired employees created exceptional families?

What if those exceptional families became the fabric of our thriving community?

What if your company helped start this ripple effect?

This is essentially what the project is all about? The thought leaders of Undivided believe that if we can bring together 50 companies that are committed to becoming "people centric," the ripple effect of that decision could transform our community.  Imagine if those 50 companies had on average 100 employees, that would be 5000 people that could become inspired.  Assuming those employees went home to their families and lead their families with the same values, another 3 people could be impacted, now we are at 20,000.  Assume those 20,000 people impacted another 10 people in their lives, we could reach 200,000 by this time next year.  Perhaps our math is off a bit or the timing of the change doesn't happen as we have mentioned, regardless it is the start of something much bigger than any one of us, any one of our companies, it is the start of change that could affect generations to come.  That is what this project is all about...together we can cause change, challenge the status quo and lead the next evolution in how business is done.

The Undivided "People Centric Project" - 12 Month Commitment

People Centric Project - Premise: To discover, learn from and celebrate the exceptional companies in our community. They are exceptional in how they focus on their employee development and customer experience. Their impact is causing positive change in the community.  We are going to borrow the framework of the 4 C's used in the world of education: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication.  During the next 12 months we will provide numerous opportunities for your company to learn from some of the most thought provoking speakers on culture, change and leadership.  However this is where the 4C's come into play, our desire is not to "teach", but to facilitate. The leadership team of Undivided wants all the companies who are a part of this project to communicate their ideas and to collaborate with each other.  

We will start with the thought that these are the 5 characteristics of People Centric Companies:

1) They have a World-Changing Purpose. A purpose that is bigger than what the company pro- duces or sells.

2) Everyone in the organization is provided the op- portunity to thrive, because “Everybody Matters”?

3) They believe they have an exceptional story and celebrate their story openly and authentically.                                                                        

4) The company has a vision for why they will be relevant in the next 10, 20 or 30 years? They have generational appeal and embrace innovation from their employees I-DEAs.

5) They can thrive in all market conditions, their culture produces a sense of resilience.

Undivided has several events and campaigns planned during the next 12 months. The outline of themes, events, discussion points, book study chapters, engagement initiatives and highlighted companies is available by clicking here .

It all starts on September 11th, with our People Centric Project Preview.  Meet the thought leaders behind the People Centric project and listen to the powerful insights of the BW Leadership Institute. This will be a collaborative preview of our project.

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