The People Centric Project Preview

When we decided to launch the "People Centric Project" we thought about who would be the ideal team to help lead our efforts and provide an overview of what it means to be "People Centric".  As we thought through all of the exceptional speakers and organizations we were connected to, there were a few organizations and speakers that stood out among them all.  We are pleased to introduce you to the team that helped us set the stage. These are our exceptional friends at the BW Leadership Institute. 

On the 11th of September in 2017, we hosted a preview to our program with some of the critical elements needed to create, develop and enhance a strong culture.  We are grateful for the partnership and friendship we have with the leadership team from BW Leadership Institute (BWLI).  

Please take a few moments to learn more about the BW Leadership Institute and watch some of the highlights from that exceptional event:

Meet BW Leadership InstitutE

Let's take a little journey back in time... About a decade ago we had the opportunity to be introduced to a company that was in manufacturing. They seemed like your typical manufacturer of equipment, bottling systems etc..  However over the next several years the company's performance seemed to continually outpace their competitors and the people you we would meet from the company genuinely loved working for the company. We began to wonder, how could this be? After all, how exciting can it be to work for a manufacturing company.  Fast forward to 2015, the methods of why they have been so successful were open to the public. The company decided to launch the Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute to help other companies learn more about what they are doing inside their primary company Barry Wehmiller.  The answer to how they have become so exceptional over the years was actually quite simple. They made a conscious effort to put their people first by investing in them. The leadership of the company is noted for saying, "Build Great People and Watch Them Do Extraordinary Things." 

The video tells the whole story of why the work of BW Leadership Institute matters to them and to our community.  Your work matters too, we want to learn from you and celebrate all you are doing in our community.  We believe our project will shed light on the great work the companies in our communities are doing and will inspire other companies to do more.  That is how our community will advance in every facet.  

Meet Teri Griege

When we thought about how we should kick off this event, we thought our speaker needed to be inspirational.  They needed to be real, authentic in every way.  We wanted the person to be "normal," yet extraordinary at the same time.  We wanted a "story" that could resonate with everyone in some form or fashion, yet be an example of what is truly possible when you light the human spirit on fire. And they needed to be from St. Louis, someone from our community. We didn't have to think very long because very few can check all those boxes. However; we do know one person who does.

We believe everybody's "why" needs to be inspired from someone or some thing. This inspiration needs to ultimately turn into internal motivation.  

We hope Teri's story provides this shot of inspiration for you to see what is truly possible in life and in business. 

Meet Teri Griege and see the Power of Hope!

After being diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, 50 year old mother & wife, Teri Griege found her "why" & now inspires others to find their purpose in life & in business.

Torian Richardson of the BWLI discusses Inclusion and Access.

Meet Torian Richardson

Torian is a modest visionary who has dealt with the challenges of emotional, verbal, and physical domestic abuse throughout his life.  He comes from a working class family from Chicago’s Southside where he was a first-generation college student and believes in Benjamin Franklin’s philosophy, “Well done is better than well said.” Like Franklin, Torian is also intellectually curious, has an entrepreneurial spirit and seeks out hidden potential, works toward a better world, and believes in “doing well by doing good.”

Torian takes us on a journey that focuses on three main areas around Inclusion.

1. Where we currently are in the Inclusion conversation.

2. What is our "Moonshot" opportunity that we have with inclusion as human beings?

3. What is the one thing that we really need to do in order for us to be able to move forward with the inclusion conversation? 


Aaron W. Dimmick of the BWLI discusses “The Candor Abyss.”

Meet Aaron W. Dimmock

Aaron graduated with merit from the United States Naval Academy and was commissioned in May of 1996.  He was designated a Naval Aviator in February of 1998. 

A retired naval officer and former P-3 pilot with operational experience in all major theaters around the world, Aaron completed deployments in support of Operations Allied Force, Joint Guardian, Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and the Global War on Terrorism.  Among various managerial and leadership positions, he served extensively as an instructor pilot in multiple tours.

Aaron covers what he likes to call the Candor Abyss in this video. He defines the Candor Abyss as the gap between our self-perception and our perception of others. 




Sara Hannah shares a conversation with Courtney Godfrey and Ania Sullivan around Millennial Leadership.


This is a short video that covers Millennial Leadership. The conversation is between some of the BWLI Staff about the millennial workforce and dispelling some of the common myths regarding the "Millennial Generation."





People Centric Project Panel Discussion

Panelists: Matt Whiat - BW Leadership Institute, Lisa Nichols - Technology Partners, Professor Kirk Durks - Washington University and Stan Pauls - Decor Cabinets.