"On Fire" Chapter 1: DO YOU WANT TO DIE?

Chapter 1: DO YOU WANT TO DIE? 

Our purpose is to collectively define the ideals behind being "People Centric." We aim to share best practices and learn from each other as to how best we, as leaders, can become a catalyst in the lives of the people we serve. 
Read Chapter 1, think through your answers, then discuss them with your leadership team. We ask you to share a summary of your thoughts and insights.  Our goal is to create a learning environment where we can all benefit from each other’s perspectives.

Post your comments to the questions below:

1. John says at the beginning of the book that, if given the choice, he would choose to do it all over again—to be burned, to go through the surgeries and the rehab.
Why do you think he feels that way?
What has he gained from this traumatic experience?

2. Consider the choice John’s mother offers him in the emergency room: “Do you want to die? It’s your choice.” While most of us may not face such a dramatic choice, we do all experience what John calls “inflection points,” or moments that can change everything.
What are some of the choices that have changed the course of your own life? 

Now, ask yourself: "Do you want to die?"
At the end of Chapter 1, we are asked the following question: "Are you truly alive?" 

We would like to hear your responses to that discussion topic and see how other people are feeling. This will help us see the gaps in what is missing from being "People Centric."

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