"On Fire" Chapter 2: WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?


1. Consider the epigraph from Henri J.M. Nouwen for Chapter 2: "In our own woundedness, we can become sources for of life for others" (page 25).
 a. How does John become a source of life - and inspiration - for others?
 b. Are there other people  - either in your own life, or in the larger world - who also serve as examples of this concept? 

2. John decides upon leaving the hospital that he will pretend that everything is normal. He does not share his story with his closest friends. He then uses alcohol as a "mask" while he is in college. 
a. What does it take for John to accept himself, "dimples, pimples, scars and all?" (page 39)? 
b. How does this relate to your life? 

Denial vs. Self-Acceptance
At the end of Chapter 2, we are asked the following question: "What's your story?" 
We would like to hear your responses to that discussion topic and see how other people are feeling. This will help us see the gaps in what is missing from being "People Centric."

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