"Everybody Matters" Chapter 9: Humanizing the Process

Our purpose is to collectively define the ideals behind being "People Centric." We aim to share best practices and learn from each other as to how best we, as leaders, can become a catalyst in the lives of the people we serve. 
Read chapter 9, think through your answers, then discuss them with your leadership team. We ask you to share a summary of your thoughts and insights.  Our goal is to create a learning environment where we can all benefit from each other’s perspectives.

Post your comments to the questions below:

What do humanity and dignity look like in the workplace? How do these relate to labor rights? What role does caring have in respecting the humanity and dignity of employees and coworkers?

How does the Living Legacy of Leadership (L3) model differ from “lean and mean”continuous improvement models? How might Lean create the opportunities listed above for your employees and business?

What role do openness and transparency play in your organization? What impact do they have on your relationships? Is questioning the status quo discouraged, accepted, or encouraged? How might such questioning create the conditions for continuous improvement for your organization?

What previous life experiences have enabled you to experience new growth and fulfillment? How did that impact you and those involved in the experiences?

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