"Everybody Matters" Chapter 7: Envisioning the Ideal Future

Our purpose is to collectively define the ideals behind being "People Centric." We aim to share best practices and learn from each other as to how best we, as leaders, can become a catalyst in the lives of the people we serve. 
Read chapter 7, think through your answers, then discuss them with your leadership team. We ask you to share a summary of your thoughts and insights.  Our goal is to create a learning environment where we can all benefit from each other’s perspectives.

Post your comments to the questions below:

How do you think this type of leadership and culture could be realized in your organization?

Have you ever been inspired to care for your organization as a result of its care for you? If yes, how did this make you feel? If no, what do you think holds your organization back?

What is your organization’s vision? How does it align with your vision for the organization and for yourself? How does this vision guide or impact your team?

What inputs are necessary to create these types of growth? Are they the same or different? Is one more important?

Does your organization focus on building products, building people, or both? What causes the focus on products and on people? What changes are necessary to better build people?

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