What does "People Centric" mean?

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Welcome to the People Centric Project!

Many of you are thinking, "What is this project all about? What is the purpose or goal?"  Many of these answers can be found on our website - www.peoplecentricproject.com.

Before we get into the details, let's start with the simple question of:

What does being "People Centric" mean?

The words or phrase "people centric" or "people-centric" are not found in the Webster Dictionary database; however, when you Google "What does People Centric mean?" numerous explanations are found and listed out.  

Perhaps you heard this phrase by reading the book "Everybody Matters" by Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia. Or maybe this is the first time you have heard the phrase "People Centric."

Regardless, we believe the definition is one that is personal...it is a way of leading.  Our simple definition follows: 

"People Centric" companies, schools, organizations choose to be a catalyst in the lives of others, empowering them to become the best they can be in life and in business. They invest in their employees for the benefit of their customers which produces a better outcome for their community.

That's just our initial thought - What is yours?  How would YOU define the phrase "people centric?" Comment as you see fit- it is open for discussion...

Essentially, the point behind our project is to define what it means to be people centric. Our goal is to discover and learn from those companies, celebrate who they are and most importantly define the standard for being "people centric".

If you want to be a part of this project, go to www.peoplecentricproject.com.  

If you believe your company is People Centric or you want to learn more about this thought process, email us directly at info@peoplecentricproject.com



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